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Your reliable partner in trilingual secretarial service – fast and efficient and at competitive prices.

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Trilingual Secretarial Service

Secretarial Service





HA Erhvervsservice has had years of experience with translations and carrying out various secretarial jobs.

My background is the following:

  • Trilingual secretary – Danish – English – German
  • “AcademyEconomist – Export” (languages, marketing and finance)
  • For three years I lived and worked in the UK
  • Participation in various language courses in the south of Germany

Since 1997 I have worked as a freelance translator, preparing various types of translations for many different companies.

I carry out various ad hoc translations, but a fixed agreement can also be made regarding translations and secretarial duties on an ongoing basis – i.e. with monthly settlement.

All jobs are carried out quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices.
Please contact us for further information - or ask for a quotation.

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HA Erhvervsservice, Bjarkesvej 9, 4200 Slagelse, Denmark, Tel.: +45 5852 0001, E-mail: ha@ha-erhvervsservice.dk